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Free Video Conference Trials available.

See link above for details.

The video conference looking at the scenario for Edexcel Unit 7 was extremely useful.

The practice data was very close to the real scenario so was invaluable in preparing students for the exam.

Tasks were explained and demonstrated in detail.


Thank you once again for your invaluable help.



Effective training.

Challenge and Opportunity...

CPD and support for teaching and administration staff.My Picture

In difficult financial times it is vital that staff continue to recieve appropriate and cost effective training. 

Effective coursework support within ICT, particularly at A-Level, is essential if students are to achieve grades which reflect their true ability.

ICT coursework at A-level frequently stretches staff to levels that go well beyond their intial training and with the right support examination results can be significantly improved. 

Rather than adopt a one-size-fits-all approach I will tailor the courses and support to fit your experience and needs .

Courses can be offered at your school or via a video conference using a WebEx link.

webex logo2Using the video conference approach has many advantages and no special equipment is needed at your site.  More details can be found on the link to the left.

Many admin staff make use of spreadsheets, often of their own design, but have never been trained to do so and consequently frequently make their job harder than it need be.  If you think that this may apply to you have a look at the link to the left.