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Effective training.

Administration Staff...

CPD and support for administration staff.

One of the first things I learnt in teaching was that the administration staff form the backbone of a school, providing not only support for the teaching and pastoral staff but also being the first point of contact for parents and others from outside.

Many admin staff seem to have been blessed with an ability to mult-task beyond the wildest dreams of most computer systems.

Often with little training on time-saving features of IT systems they are expected to enter data and produce reports and, through no fault of their own, understandably sometimes they struggle to do this by the most efficient means.

I would discuss your uses and needs and work out a course programme that would cover appropriate aspects of Excel to make your work easier and also look at linking to other data sources and applications.

We would "cherry-pick" from the list below and tailor the course to meet your needs.  There are huge time-saving advantages in understanding Filtering/Pivot tables/Sorting and being able to record basic macros. Use of Mailmerge for individualising letters and bulk e-mails can also save a great deal of time. 

Spreadsheets with Exceloffice worker

I will provide my solutions / PowerPoints / How to do it videos, that can be placed on your network, for some aspects of Excel.